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                                             Hiltons Marina for a beautiful Newburyport sunrise!

                                             Hiltons Marina for a beautiful Newburyport sunrise!

  • All our trips begin at Hilton's Marina in scenic Newburyport, MA
  • Please arrive 10 - 15 minutes before your departure time for a quick tour of the boat and a short safety speech. Within 10 minutes of launching, we will be exiting the Merrimack River and entering Ipswich Bay where our adventure will begin
  • No Drugs or Hard Alcohol are allowed on the boat
  • Manolin Charters provides all safety equipment, fishing gear, and bait. If you have a favorite rod, feel free to bring it along! Best to check with Capt. to make sure it is set up for our style of fishing for the day
  • A $50 deposit is due at time of booking with the balance due the day of the trip
  • Capt. has final say on all weather cancellations. Safety is the top priority. Trip can be rescheduled or deposit will be returned
  • Please feel free to share pictures and videos of your day on our Facebook Page

What to Bring

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Food/Drink
  • Small cooler for your fillets (keep in your car)
  • Appropriate attire for the weather -- Bring  coat/sweatshirt as it can be cooler on the water than on land
  • Non-black soled shoes
  • Hat

Inshore Fishing - Stripers and Bluefish

                                               Photo Courtesy of Leighton Honda

                                               Photo Courtesy of Leighton Honda

Our most popular fishing trip! Perfect for anyone from the die-hard striper fishermen to a family on vacation with no fishing experience. Bring your friends, family, or kids and this trip will exceed expectations! Stripers are our primary target from May - October, but the bluefish show up from the end of July - September. Most days, especially early in the season, we head out anywhere from 0 - 5 miles to one of our many mackerel spots where we catch these fun little fish to use as bait. Kids love it! To be honest, sometimes the adults don't want to leave with the fast, constant action while we attempt to "blackout" the livewell! We then take those very same mackerel to various places where we will turn over into striper mode. Generally on the right tide, we will drift the mouth of the Merrimack River where we will see birds, seals, sandeels, and of course striped bass. Other times we may slow troll the mackerel in front of the sandbars in front of the beaches. Early in the season, you light tackle anglers can attempt to catch stripers using lures or go for a trophy fishing Joppa Flats inside the river with "livies." 

                                             Andrea with a nice striper trolled off of Plum Island

                                             Andrea with a nice striper trolled off of Plum Island





As the season wears into July, we will continue to follow the fish, sometimes they stay around the river, but sometimes we must venture more offshore where we can drift, troll, or go "ballooning." This is generally how we catch our biggest fish of the year! I honestly love this type of fishing as it can lead to some banner days with big fish





As late July rolls around, our toothy friends, the bluefish generally start to invade our waters! It is super fun when you can see them breaking the surface and chasing the bait in over a couple acres of water. When they are not up top, we will troll, mark out fish on the fish finder, and countdown till we get our hit! These super aggressive pack a ton of punch and offer some of the best battles our area has to offer. The one issue is they tend to chase the mackerel up north, which obviously makes it harder for us to make bait. However, we come prepared with our lead core rigs to troll up some fish! It's awesome reeling in an umbrella rig that has doubles, or even triples on one rod!  

                                                                                                                                                  A good day of fishing in Newburyport!

                                                                                                                                                  A good day of fishing in Newburyport!

Shark Fishing

My favorite trip! Love to get offshore to Jeffrey's Ledge or Stellwagen Bank and tussle with the monsters of the deep? This trip is for you! Great trip for buddies or even for a family with teenagers. Seeing a shark come up your chum slick is a sight no one ever forgets! Typically, we head offshore 15 - 40 miles and look for underwater structure and bait. We pick our spot, and just like in JAWS, we start a chum slick to bring sharks to the boat. The most common shark we see in the blue shark with can range from 100 to 500 pounds! We do have opportunities to catch Makos, Threshers, and Porbeagles all of which make great table fare. We will release all blue sharks unharmed. 



Tuna Fishing

Our target is school tuna on light tackle. This is the pinnacle of offshore sport fishing! We utilize a "run and gun" technique whenever possible, but will also troll any hot areas. When the fish are here, this is the best trip anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, it can be a feast or famine type of day, but if the opportunity arises, is will infect you with "tuna fever". Due to the lackluster last couple of years, these trips are going to be booked via phone call only and only if we have a body of targetable fish. We simply haven't had the fish come around the past two years (but that will change any day now!) and I am NOT taking you on a boat ride! If the fish are here, GREAT - Let's go! If not, we can run another type of trip to ensure you have a fantastic day. This is a trip for the more experienced and hardcore anglers. 

Due to popular demand we will also have Giant Tuna Fishing Charters just like the guys in Wicked Tuna! When I first started this charter operation my old boat (althought she was great for what we did!) wasn't built to withstand the battle of giant tuna. The new Parker is rigged to the max and ready to roll! 

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