Spring is Almost Here!

Welcome back everybody! As we are all struggling with the horrid winter we are dealing with in the Northeast, I am using my time wisely to gear up and get ready for the season! There has been countless hours in the basement stripping line, greasing reels, cleaning rods, and making rigs in preparation for when the first run of stripers show up! Our fishing gear remains to be top of the line and is a great asset to you aboard your fishing charter! Every piece of equipment was purchased to maximize your comfort and dialed in to fish the way we do,

In addition to all the time in the basement, I also felt the Manolin Charters Website was do for an upgrade. The old version was too bland and too hard to read. I feel like it didn't fully represent us as a company as we strive to be the best in every aspect of what we do: from the fishing, to customer satisfaction, to leaving our blueprint all of the internet! As I get used to the new programming, more and more updates will show up as we move through time. 

For those of you who have come fishing out of Newburyport with us before and have your fishing reports on my old website, check back here within a few days and check out the PICS page! Its a little cleaner and smoother than before. Also, this year I will be posting weekly fishing reports every Wednesday to get you all geared up for the weekend ahead. 

I am so excited to start the season, our business has grown quickly as evident by our returning customer base and the amount of new clients booked over the winter. 

I want to end on this comment: Manolin Charters will have a big announcement coming in the next week or so. Stay tuned........

Capt. Chris Valaskatgis